Clearly things have been getting busier around here. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post, and of course it is late at night… seems to be the only time I find free.

I had a nice mellow day just catching up on chores around the flat and starting some homework for the week. I think it is finally hitting me that school is back in session. I was very proud of myself though for starting an assignment today that isn’t due until Thursday! But I need to get ahead this week because my friend Brooke from home arrives here on Friday. I’m so excited to show her the city. My friends and I have already planned a night in Fremantle on Friday, and a long day Saturday to see Koalas and hopefully a Rugby game later in the day. Maybe we will be able to make it to the beach again on Sunday, or possibly the Subiaco farmer’s market that we missed this past weekend.

Speaking of the beach, we finally made it there on Friday. It was the first day that it didn’t rain in who knows how long! It was still a bit chilly, but my friends and I couldn’t resist and made a trek out to Cottesloe. We ate on the balcony at a delicious restaurant that overlooked the beach. It was so nice to sit outside and soak up the sun. Afterwards we just sat in the sand (bundles in our jeans and sweaters) and enjoyed the scenery. It was so beautiful and calming with my feet in the sand and the waves crashing in front of us.

When it began to cool off to much we headed up the hill a bit for some milkshakes… who drinks milkshakes in the cold? Crazy I know! We left just in time to catch a gorgeous sunset. The sun dropped right into the water, but still no green flash. After all the hundreds of ocean sunsets I’ve seen I’m still waiting for the green flash. I have to see it for myself to believe it actually exists. After a perfect sunset the chills set in and we headed to another beach restaurant, Indiana’s. It reminded me so much of a combination between a Geoffrey’s restaurant in Malibu and Longhi’s in Lahaina, Maui. Probably the perfect restaurant for my mom. We sat around for almost 2 hours just enjoying the end of the sunset with happy hour drinks and appetizers waiting for our friend Kerri to pick us up and head to a movie. It was a lovely day, and I can’t wait to do it all again.

I will do my best to stay more updated, but my eyes are drooping, which means time for sleep. Morning will come all too soon. Miss you all!

p.s. I keep learning all these new Australian slang words but I forget to share them with you! The word I learned today is “chook”. It was explained to me as in “chicken, chick, chook”. Then it was compared to the British who call their “mates” sausages. So apparently here in Australia you can call your friends “chook” as if you were to say chick. “Hey Chook”. Strange, I know, but I just can’t help but love it all!