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Jessica is a senior majoring in marketing in the Cox School of Business. During summer and fall 2011, Jessica is studying abroad with SMU-in-Australia. She’s eager to learn about new cultures, meet new people and experience life outside the United States.

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IĀ feel like it has been ages since my last post. I’m sorry to disappoint but this is going to be a short one. Unfortunately it is midterm time, and this week and next are going to be crazy! A bit different from SMU’s midterms, which consist of many exams. Curtin Uni is busy with homework, papers and group projects due.

Just a brief update:
I am back from Bali, alive and well. I am lacking a bit on sleep and motivation, but so excited to see my parents and brother in less than two weeks now in Sydney for my spring break. And I have reached the halfway point in my semester. Time has already flown by. Don’t get too excited for me to come home… I still have the Asian study tour once the semester ends. You can’t get me to come back that easily.

I will try to post a nice long description of my time in Bali soon, but for now I will be spending most of my time in the library. (Good thing it isn’t open 24/7 like Fondren library at SMU).

Miss and love you all!

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