I wish you all could have seen me about 30 minutes ago… definition of a drowned rat. I swear, when I left for class this morning it was a beautiful sunny day. It was only slightly raining when I got out of class, but about halfway through my walk home the rain began to pour out of the clouds. By the time I got home I was dripping wet, literally! Unfortunately now that it is raining I no longer want to leave my bed. I should probably make it a “get ahead in school” day, but it may turn out to be a movie day. I was hoping to explore a new part of the city today. Maybe it will clear up in a few hours.

This has been quite a week. In the States we would say it is the first week of class, but here in Aussie land they say uni. They seem to use “uni” as both an abbreviation of university as well as saying they are going to class, “off to uni for a few hours”.

To back up a while, my week really began on Sunday. A few of my friends and I packed lunches and took a few busses to King’s Park. I think this may be my favorite place in the city. It is a beautiful, huge park up on the hill that overlooks downtown Perth as well as the river. We took a few hours to eat our lunches and walk around. We discovered the water gardens, which have a beautiful fountain at the top, and we noticed a brewery at the base of the hill… hopefully a future tour destination.

When the sun began to set, August and I took the train to Cottesloe, a beach town not too far away. Some family friends set up dinner for us with a couple who live in a beautiful house there. We arrived when it was dark so we couldn’t see the ocean, but I’m sure we’ll be back when the weather is nicer. Dinner was wonderful. We were welcomed right in and were given lots of advice of where to travel and what to do.

Classes have been fine so far. They are set up differently here. For each class there is a lecture and a tutorial. The lecture has a ton of students and this is where you learn your material, and the tutorial is in a smaller class where you do class presentations and whatnot. There are so many projects and presentations in all my classes! I’m so used to classes where 90-100 percent of your grade is based on exams, so I’m pretty nervous for this set up. None of my classes have exams until exam week at the end of the semester. Of course speaking in front of a class is one of my fears so we’ll see how I cope with it.

Wednesday nights are a big going-out night here. Of course it has to work out that I have my longest day on Thursdays, but I’ll make it work. This past Wednesday a few of us went to Subiaco to see one of our advisors sing at this restaurant/bar. She was so good and sang so many songs that I love. It reminded me so much of going to watch my friend Lyndsey Jones sing in Dallas (check her out on iTunes!). I’m sure we’ll be back there.

I look forward to see what the weekend, and this next week brings along!