I know it has been absolutely ages since you have heard from me, but I am getting back into the swing of things. To sum everything up, we had our tuition free week (aka spring break) where I met my parents and brother in Sydney. We spent half our week there then flew to the Gold Coast for the other half. My family flew back to Perth with me and spent the next week here exploring the city and seeing all that my life here is about. They left a few days ago, and now I’m drowning in all the work I put off while they were here. Oh well, it was entirely worth it! I will have to catch you up on all the details later.

On another note, I received the itinerary for the Asian study tour I am attending at the end of the semester! I’m off to get my visa for China tomorrow. Hope everything goes smoothly!

I’ll send more updates and details soon. (Clearly I’m way behind since I haven’t even finished everything about Bali! I’ll catch up at some point.)