Hannah and Lashlee in Spain

Richter Research Fellows Hannah and Lashlee are studying the quality of health care for African immigrants in the south of Spain. They plan to visit refugee centers and clinics, and interview experts. Lashlee is a junior President’s Scholar majoring in biology and Spanish in Dedman College. Hannah is a junior President’s Scholar majoring in accounting in Cox School of Business and political science, with a minor in Spanish, in Dedman College.

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One last adventure

Lashlee boarding the plane to Santander

After a short time back in Madrid (following an incredible but exhausting week in Valencia), we are happy to report that we are experiencing one final adventure before we cross the Atlantic on Friday.

Admittedly, this short-2 day trip did not fall into our research itinerary, but after having graced two thirds of Spain’s coastline (Algeciras in the South and Valencia in the East) we decided to complete the circuit by heading north to the beaches of Santander. Initially, we hoped to find a cheap destination in which we could gather final thoughts on the trip and potentially work on our research paper, but what we encountered in Santander has been much more.

A view from the hotel

Our plane ride (only a one-hour jump from Madrid to the Northwestern coast) was short and sweet, and then we made our way to the center of town to find our small hotel.

Here comes the best surprise of the trip: our room, located on the top floor of Hotel Central, provides an absolutely stunning view of the Santander Bay (one of the top ten most beautiful bays, according to the hotel staff) as well as a comfy terrace.

Hannah on the dock

We only had a few rushed days here in the city, so we tried to make the most of our time. We spent the first night exploring the area around our hotel and enjoyed a very unique meal at Zacaria’s restaurant … the menu was plenty confusing and we courageously pointed to a few random entrees to try.

The next day, we boarded yet another ferry across the bay to El Puntal, a quaint extension of shoreline with few people and lots of sunshine (we have the sunburn to prove it). After returning very hungry, we stopped for a quick pre-dinner snack of ice cream before finding our way to a wonderful Mexican restaurant (we miss Tex-Mex!) and filling our bellies.

Lashlee with the cow at the Cantabria government center

Our final morning arrived far too soon, but we enjoyed the sights of Santander by visiting the local Cathedral and neighborhood shops. It was a phenomenal way to close our trip, and we are excited to spend one last evening in Madrid before boarding our flight home.

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    2 Responses to One last adventure

    1. Carolyn Smith-Morris says:

      !Felicidades! Y quiero ver y leer mas de sus investigaciones cuando regressan. Estaba en Malaga este ano, haciendo trabajo en antropologia medica, en cual tengo interes en sus encuentras. Una lastima, no teniamos la oportunidad visitar mientras viajamos a Espana, pero lo hacemos en Dallas. Hasta pronto,
      Carolyn Smith-Morris
      Assoc. Prof., Anthropology

    2. rebecca shipman says:

      Lash and Hannah- you did a wonderful job on your blog- brings back so many memories for me and my travels there. I am so happy you both had this adventure!! You and Hannah need to come visit so we can discuss all this. Hope you are moved in and not too tired! Have a GREAT YEAR!! Love. Aunt Becky

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