Engineers in Africa

Graduate students at the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering and Andrew Quicksall, the J. Lindsay Embrey Trustee Assistant Professor at the Lyle School, are traveling to Africa in fall 2011 as part of a new water quality research program in refugee camps. The group is bringing back water samples for analysis in SMU labs, where undergraduate and graduate students are searching for elevated levels of contaminants that can cause health problems.

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Sampling at Kirandongo

An update from Dr. Quicksall:

Great day today.  Up at 6 for a breakfast of starchy bananas in a groundnut sauce with fresh pineapple, passion fruit juice and coffee (all local).  Yum!

Making friends

Left the town of Hoima and hit the road for Kirandongo Refugee Settlement two hours north.  We had meetings with the Camp Commandant from the Office of the Prime Minister and the local Water Authority Representative.

We made it to the field for four hours and got to every water source in the settlement.  We had a great local contact named Joseph.  He and I plan to stay in touch. Sampling is great as we get to do our science but also meet the people.

We then left to drive northwest. First we crossed the Victoria Nile, then the Albert Nile. Between is a large national park, which we drove along the edge of.  Just before the second crossing and before we left the park we ran into all sorts of friends.

We finished in the town of Arua about 15 miles east from Congo and 30 miles south from Sudan.

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