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Emily, a junior Hunt Leadership Scholar majoring in corporate communications and public affairs, is studying Spanish language and culture in Madrid in Spring 2011 as part of SMU-in-Spain.

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One word to describe Carnaval in Cadiz: loco!

C%C3%A1diz%20costumes.jpg We booked the trip to Cadiz with a student travel agency and bused down to the southern coast of Spain with 250 other college students. We stayed at a nice resort with individual condos and a close walk to the water. The beaches of Cadiz were beautiful, and even though it wasn’t quite warm enough to go swimming, it was nice to just relax after a week of midterms!

Carnaval.jpg The actual festival of Carnaval is hard to explain. Imagine thousands of people in the streets wearing hysterical costumes, clustered in groups of 10-20 around a pile of food and alcohol. There was so much broken glass on the ground that my roommate cut her foot and had to get stitches at the hospital!

The event seemed to be centered on wearing costumes, drinking with friends and making new ones. If there was an attraction, like a parade or show, we must have missed it. To say the least, it was very different than any Marti Gras celebration we have in the United States. Haber???nada mas negativa!

It was a very fun weekend, I practiced lots of Spanish with new friends at Carnaval, and those of us from SMU had a chance to wear our matching Arabian costumes from Andalucia.

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