pais%20vasco.JPGThis week we traveled to the Basque region, Pais Vasco, in the north of Spain. Pais Vasco is a very beautiful and prosperous area, and many say the citizens have so much pride for their autonomous community that they want to become their own country.

DSC02051%5B1%5D.jpg We traveled by bus to Pais Vasco, stopping on the way to visit a vineyard where they still use traditional methods to harvest and produce the wine.

After a tour and tasting, we continued to San Sebastian, said to be the most picturesque city in all of Spain. It seemed to be a very classy beach town, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t great and we had to tour most of the city in the rain.

However, we can now say that we visited the north, south, east and west coasts of the Iberian peninsula!

DSC02085%5B1%5D.jpg The province of San Sebastian is famous for its “pintxos,” and for dinner we went to several bars trying different regional tapas.

The next day, we made a stop to visit Guernica, a city that was bombed during the Spanish Civil War and inspired Picasso’s famous painting.

DSC02250.jpg The final city we visited was Bilbao, home to the renowned Guggenheim Museum.

People told me that there isn’t much to do in Bilbao besides visiting the museum, but I would highly disagree. It had a very lively center, and the structural design of the bridges and Guggenheim museum were amazing. The modern art in the museum was great, and I especially enjoyed the interactive sculptures by Richard Serra.

In Bilbao we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and finally enjoyed nice weather!