DSC02447.jpgAs soon as we returned home from Pais Vasco, we boarded another bus for a trip to Valencia for the festival “Las Fallas.”

Las Fallas is a festival in honor of St. Joseph, where different neighborhoods of the city create giant, comical, paper-mache “ninots” (kind of like non-moving parade floats) and at the end of the night light them on fire. I have never seen or heard anything quite like this festival; all day long firecrackers were exploding in celebration.

DSC02284.jpg We arrived in Valencia early enough to explore the whole city. The compound of science buildings was modern and impressive, with the third largest aquarium in the world.

After touring the aquarium, we visited the beautiful Valencian beaches! Valencia is the region of Spain famous for paella, so of course we had it for dinner at a restaurant on the beach.

DSC02476.jpg At “la crema,” or midnight, we watched the second-place ninot light on fire, as the winning float is saved in a museum.

The ride home was a long one, and we reached Madrid at about 7 a.m., but the experience was worth it. If you visit Spain during the Spring, I would say Las Fallas in Valencia is an experience you cannot miss.