An update from Muzamil, MBA ’12 in Entrepreneurship, who traveled to Latin America with the Cox Global Leadership Program:

What a place. From the moment we landed and saw the scenery, I could tell we were in for something special. The city was alive, people were moving, and it was a much more lively pace than Sao Paulo.

We got into the hotel, and as tired as we were, we had to check out the city. A group of us walked along the beach and found a bar and had a decent, not-so-expensive meal. It was incredibly satisfying! We also met a few locals who showed us some places to go to. We took a walk along the coast. The smell of the ocean breeze was incredibly refreshing. Finished the night off by drinking straight from a coconut out of a straw!

Last day in Rio

What an incredible time in Rio. Today, a few friends and I walked probably 5 or 6 miles. Hotel – Market – Hotel – Copa Cabana – Hotel. The market was incredible, reminded me of the markets in Vienna and Dubai. Prices were reasonable, nothing like Sao Paulo, but not dirt cheap by any means.

Took some really incredible pictures and can’t wait to share them with the class! The beach here is quite amazing, and the waves are unbelievably powerful. Stay close to the shoreline … that’s all I have to say!