An update from Elizabeth, MBA and Master of Arts Management ’12, who traveled to India with the Cox Global Leadership Program:

At the Olive Bar Italian restaurant in IndiaDeciding where to eat tonight pushed us all to our limits. As a group we’ve stayed together for the most part, for dinners and outings, leaving behind only those who opt to stay in the hotel. Tonight some wanted more Indian food, some wanted to try any of the non-Indian options recommended by our Walmart hosts and/or Indian classmates, some just wanted someone else to decide. We ended up all deciding to head to Olive Bar, an Italian place nearby.

The kerfuffle continued when the concierge didn’t really know where the bar was, nor did any of the taxi drivers. Our group splintered as people tried to go back inside the lobby to ask for a map or address, and others hailed cabs with the doormen. Eventually, in a rush, the drivers were given the address by a doormen and we all crammed into the cabs to head out. We arrived to the great surprise of the hostess who advised us to make a reservation next time, but kindly created a table for 14 in the center of the outdoor patio. It was beautiful: small and tree-covered, with gravel floor, and next to the outdoor kitchen, including a big oven. It was hot, but not terrible, and the atmosphere, with only candles outside, was terrific.

I stood to take a picture, and the chef came out and offered to take it for me. We then suddenly realized that we had an empty chair. We had left Stacy behind! No one can figure how it happened, but Blake, Stephanie, and Jordan hopped in a cab to go back to find her. This is when we wished our cell phones worked internationally!

We’ve invented a cross-check system to avoid this situation, though we hadn’t bothered using it for non-school related outings. Each of us has to find our roommate and another assigned partner of the opposite sex – our “cross-gender,” though mine, Eric, prefers “trans-gender.” This way, if an entire room were to be missing, we still wouldn’t leave without them. However, clearly our check system failed tonight! Stacy had already sat down at one of the hotel restaurants to eat, so Blake stayed with her and Stephanie and Jordan returned. We were all sad not to have the whole group, but luckily Stacy had a good sense of humor about it, and said the food she’d eaten was great.

The chef generously selected a few appetizers for our table, and everyone ordered an entrée. The food was not terrific, though it looked beautiful. Eric and I wandered through the Hotel Diplomat a bit, which houses Olive Bar. We even peeked in one of the rooms – it was nice, but no Taj.

After dinner everyone was wiped from the excitement and went straight to bed – tomorrow is the TAJ MAHAL!

(At right, the whole gang at Olive Bar. Well, almost the whole gang….)