An update from Eric, MBA ’12 with a concentration in finance and strategy, who traveled to India with the Cox Global Leadership Program:

We are staying at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi. It is ridiculously nice!

The hotel has more than a few restaurants and most are super gourmet style.

1image.jpg Today we are heading to Suzuki/Maruti, one of the predominant automakers inside India. We will be touring the factory facilities and then interviewing some of there executives.

After that, we are heading to a Walmart joint venture, Bharti-Walmart, and we will interview some of the executives there about retail preferences in India.

image.jpg Also, I just learned that tomorrow’s trip to the Taj will include a 5-hour bus nap to Agra and then 5 hours touring the Taj and the Red Fort (equally awesome and allegedly less crowded). This will be accompanied by another 5-hour bus nap on the way home.

Some quick differences on Bangalore vs Delhi:

• Bangalore has luscious vegetation; Delhi is more prairie-like
• B has poor roads; D has highways
• D has more Muslim-influenced architecture
• D has less tuk-tuks and more cars
• D has more traffic
• D has many more migrant and pedestrian workers