Cox Leadership May2011

In May 2011 five groups of students traveled to Europe (Frankfurt, Bratislava and London), Asia (Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai), Southeast Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai), India (Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai) and Latin America (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) with the Global Leadership Program at the Cox School of Business.

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Business and sightseeing in India

An update from Eric, MBA ’12 with a concentration in finance and strategy, who traveled to India with the Cox Global Leadership Program:

We are staying at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi. It is ridiculously nice!

The hotel has more than a few restaurants and most are super gourmet style.

1image.jpg Today we are heading to Suzuki/Maruti, one of the predominant automakers inside India. We will be touring the factory facilities and then interviewing some of there executives.

After that, we are heading to a Walmart joint venture, Bharti-Walmart, and we will interview some of the executives there about retail preferences in India.

image.jpg Also, I just learned that tomorrow’s trip to the Taj will include a 5-hour bus nap to Agra and then 5 hours touring the Taj and the Red Fort (equally awesome and allegedly less crowded). This will be accompanied by another 5-hour bus nap on the way home.

Some quick differences on Bangalore vs Delhi:

• Bangalore has luscious vegetation; Delhi is more prairie-like
• B has poor roads; D has highways
• D has more Muslim-influenced architecture
• D has less tuk-tuks and more cars
• D has more traffic
• D has many more migrant and pedestrian workers

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