Comm Studies in Taos

Communication Studies students in Meadows School of the Arts are taking on communications internships at various nonprofit organizations in Taos, N.M., during summer 2011. Students work with national and regional organizations, addressing issues such as at-risk youth, the environment, housing and the arts.

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The magic of Taos

An update from Victoria, an international studies major:

Photo by Sarah Jacobs, photography student, SMU-in-Taos

It feels like just yesterday I checked in at the dining hall at Fort Burgwin and unpacked my belongings. Now I have less than two weeks left at my internship, and the countdown to the “real world” begins as I finish up my last six hours as an undergraduate here in Taos.

This is my third time to take classes at SMU-in-Taos, but my first experience during June term. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow classmates out here as they are all very focused and dedicated to their work, whether it is art, photography, biology, research, poetry, or interning with various nonprofit organizations and businesses around Taos. The lighting, landscape, and overall beauty of this place never cease to amaze me. There is, without a doubt, something magical about Taos. Every time I visit Taos, I cannot help but agree with D.H. Lawrence, who described it as “one of the chosen spots on earth.”

Photo by Sarah Jacobs, photography student, SMU-in-Taos

Monday through Thursday, I intern at the Taos Center for the Arts (TCA). The TCA inspires creativity and intellect throughout the population of Taos by providing a central location dedicated to community involvement and cultural development. The TCA hosts a variety of visual, performing, and media arts events that are internationally and locally recognized. So far, my work has involved communications and social media networking, writing newspaper articles and press releases, and assisting in basic office duties. After spending the day at my internship, I rush back to campus, eat dinner, and head to my class, which focuses on working with nonprofit organizations and communications.

I wish I had more time to write, but both my internship and class keep me extremely busy. I will post more entries as more exciting news and events come up. Until then, VAYA CON DIOS.

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    4 Responses to The magic of Taos

    1. Nina Flournoy says:

      I love your description of the TCA (great elevator speech), as well as Taos. I’m glad to hear your perspective, especially since you’ve spent so much time out here over the years. It really is an amazing place.

    2. Marie Romejko says:

      I’m glad that with the work you’re doing to promote the cultural vitality of Taos the beauty and power of that place is celebrated.

    3. Richard Jacobs says:

      Thanks. Wish I was there!

    4. Paula Fairchild says:

      It seems fitting that you are finishing your studies in Taos, a place that means so much to you. It’s also fortunate that SMU has a campus in Taos. Your studies here, on the main campus in Dallas, and in Spain will add to a rich portfolio as you venture further afield.

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