Yesterday I went to a Church Finder’s picnic with my flatmate Lizzie. The event is put on by the KCL Christian Union to help King’s students find  church homes while they are studying here in London. We all met in St. James’ Park, a massive park sandwiched between Buckingham Palace and the Thames. Students from different churches in the area stood up to give a brief description of their church and the service times.

From the park, we walked up Oxford Street to All Souls Church. We met up with a few of Lizzie’s friends, including two girls who live just one floor below me at Great Dover! It was a wonderful service, and I really enjoyed the worship portion as well. It was fairly contemporary but we sang a few hymns, too. After the sermon they had a student coffee bar downstairs with snacks and drinks, so we got to meet some of the students and group leaders. They all encouraged us to attend the student group, Impact, which meets on Wednesday nights.

However, I won’t be able to attend the the first meeting because I will be in Paris! I have to be up and at ‘em at 3:30 a.m. tomorrow morning to catch my bus and make it to the train station by 5:00 a.m. From there, it’s a two hour ride through the Chunnel and into Paris Nord. Today, my friend Tenley and I spent lunch planning and mapping out our two-day journey. Here’s our tentative schedule for the trip:

Day 1:

-8:30 a.m. arrival at Nord
-Notre Dame
-The Latin Quarter (the Surbonne; the Pantheon)
-Luxembourg Gardens
-Basilique du Sacre-Coeur
-1 p.m. check-in at our hostel, also in Monmarte
-Arc de Triomphe
-Nighttime river cruise on the Seine

Day 2:

-Musee du Louvre
-Musee d’Orsay
-Jardin des Tuileries
-Jardin du Musee Rodin
-Eiffel Tower

I know that you could easily spend days in just the Louvre alone. But Tenley and I both agreed that we would like to at least try to squeeze everything in, even if we aren’t giving each place as much time as it might rightfully deserve. Lucky for me, Tenley has been to Paris twice before and she is mildly familiar with how to get around and in what areas each of these destinations are located. She also has a great guidebook and a plethora of maps to help us navigate!

Oh, and we are on the hunt for the boulangerie that won the award of 2011 Best Baguette,  Au Levain d’Antan, as it is just a five minute walk from our hostel! Haha!

Hopefully, I will have tons of pictures from Paris to share with you all! Until then, here are some photos from St. James’.

Ducks in St. James' park

From the gardens at St. James' park




Texas flag of mysterious origin flying at Queen Anne's court