Well, we are finally a complete set! All of my flatmates have officially moved in. Our newest resident is an international student from Canada named Kirk. All the rest are U.K. students, and most are from about an hour and a half outside of London. While some felt sorry that Kirk had to live with all girls, I think he lucked out! After all, I have lived with boys and can tell you right now that girls are typically much cleaner, much quieter and much better cooks. (Except me, since I’m loud, messy and a rather unaccomplished chef). Last night we all went to Roebuck’s, our pub next door, for a drink. I am lucky to have gotten such a great group of flatmates.

I am getting a bit better at using the public transportation system since I’ve been practicing a lot with my daily trips to Strand Campus. The bus routes are more complicated than the tube, but often more direct. And while the walk to the bus stop is a bit farther than walk to the tube station, it is considerably cheaper. I feel very accomplished when I reach my destination, even more so when I get thoroughly lost and still manage to find my way!

Tomorrow I will have my departmental welcome meetings for History and Classics and then I have a 5 hour break before I have to be back at the Strand Campus for a ‘Living in London’ session.

Flatmates (left to right) Portia, Afsha, Lizzie, Kuljit and Kirk