Last Saturday I went on an Adventure Day Trip with IFSA-Butler to Bath with a bunch of other IFSA students from different schools. I was re-united with some of my favorites, and we spent the whole day exploring the Roman Baths and the town.

Kelly, me and Julissa

Central pool at the Roman baths

Our first stop was the Baths and we got to take a tour of the Roman ruins. It was very interesting and so complex – really incredible to think about how advanced they were. The audio guide pointed out that the Roman settlers in Bath were desperate to make this new place as much like home as possible, hence the construction of the baths and temple.

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is a gothic style church most recently restored in the 1880s. It stands directly behind the where the baths are now, and has really beautiful architecture and stained glass windows. We made a small donation and walked around inside for a bit – it’s a huge church!

The rest of the day we just spent wandering the streets of the town. We stopped by the Jane Austen Institute out of pure curiosity, but it was a £6 entry fee so we decided to skip it. I didn’t like Pride and Prejudice that much anyway! We had lunch at a sausage stand and also stopped into ‘Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe’ and I bought some champagne truffles that were so good.  The cashier also gave me a long geography lesson about the latitudes of Boston, London, New York and Madrid and asked me if Dallas was a desert.

No! For the last time, Dallas is NOT a desert.

You’re thinking of Lubbock.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!