Today was quite an eventful day. I was up at 8 to get to my 10 o’clock Greek History class, but when I got there I found out it had been cancelled! Too bad I had already had an espresso, so going back to sleep really wasn’t an option at that point!

I went down the street and had coffee and a long conversation with a new friend from class. From there, I went to the Victoria Embankment to find a spot to sit overlooking the river, do some reading and watch the world go by.

Instead of finding quiet solitude, I got harassed for a good ten minutes by a man claiming to be psychic. He was chatting me up and told me I reminded him of his sister. And trust me on this one, I am 100% sure I look nothing like his sister. He read my tongue (I’m going to live to 89, apparently — Lord help us all), called me poor and simple (channeling Bonquiqui at this point in the conversation — RUDE!) and then asked me for money. I reminded him that he had just told me I was poor and he said, “Ah, but you are also wise.” And I replied, “Well then, you should know that I am not giving you any money.” Then I pretty much skipped off to the tube station.

(By the way, the tongue is a part of your body that you never think twice of being self conscious about, until someone asks to look at it.  I almost cried.)

I caught the tube to St. James’ Park, sat underneath a giant tree and finally got some reading done! Today’s excursion has forever solidified my love of squirrels and geese, but also my hatred for people who chase after said animals like fools, clapping their hands and waving peanut shells.

I’m not just talking children, either! Grown up adults in business-casual attire, running across the grass, grabbing at squirrels, kicking at geese!  All the while, I kept secretly hoping someone would get bitten.  I mean, that’s what I would do if someone chased me around, waving peanut shells in the air and yelling things like, “Come here, duck! Here duck!”, when I am clearly a goose.  Such blatant genus ignorance alone is worthy of a mild case of rabies or at the very least, a good pecking.

Friday evening I am taking a train out to the Lake District/Keswick for the weekend, so hopefully I will have some pictures to upload when I return!