Genesis1.jpg An update from Genesis, a first-year political science major:

“Do Justice, Love Kindness, Be Humble”

– Reverend Ray Jordan

Those were the words that Reverend Ray preached this morning, while we sat in Mount Zion United Methodist Church. Sitting in a church filled with so much history really got me thinking about life in general. I have seen the civil rights movies, read some of the books, but it never had an affect on me. It was another history lesson, and it never really became relevant to me, until now. I really felt as though it did not relate to me because I thought it was in the past. I thought that fight was over.

Today, though, changed my whole perspective on life because at Mt. Zion church, people still come by to hit the sign; the hatred that they once faced still remains. It has not gone away, the fight still continues.

Ray kept saying to do justice. Sometimes, at least to me, I feel as though fighting for justice is an effort fought in the past, but I am learning it is still relevant for today. Justice never becomes outdated; it’s an ever-continuing effort, it’s a daily fight.

I am thankful and humbled that people take the time to enlighten others on the tragedy that they had to go through so that others might live a better life.