Civil Rights Pilgrimage South

During Spring Break 2011, students, faculty and staff are taking an eight-day bus ride to the American South’s civil rights landmarks. Political Science Professor Dennis Simon leads the pilgrimage with SMU’s Chaplain’s Office.

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On the steps of Little Rock Central High

hanna.bmpAn update from Hanna, a sophomore political science and marketing major:

Today, we had the chance to explore Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site and the actual school itself. Watching the Little Rock Nine through documentaries does not do justice to physically being on the steps the students took to get to class.

I fell in love with the National Park tour guides, Bryan and Fabian, because they were so welcoming and warm to our group. The atmosphere at the National Park was really positive and contagious!

Four and half hours later, we visited Medgar Evers’ house in Jackson, Mississippi, where we met Ms. Minnie, an amazingly beautiful woman inside and out. Her description of Mr. Evers brought the story to life and made it real. I had a hard time knowing that Mr. Evers’ children slept on mattresses on the floor in order to stay clear from bullets. No child should have to experience fear and anxiety in their own homes. A truly amazing first day that set the bar for the rest of the trip!

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