Kelvin%20.jpg An update from Kelvin, who is earning a Master of liberal studies:

Haircut.png Highlight of the day was being able to have my hair cut by Lloyd Howard, a man featured in a film at the Rosa Parks Museum and also a well-known teacher to the African American Community. Not a teacher in a sense of books and the classroom settings, but a teacher in a sense of fundamental, moral and ethical-based principles in the chair of his barbershop.

The time spent with him was priceless, and no amount of money that I gave could have been as precious as the time spent with him. He urged that we, as America, keep the fight, not only the black community but everybody. This fight is not for race anymore; it’s about making the world and especially the life of the next generation of Americans a better place.

Haircut2.png An interesting fact about Lloyd is at the age of 13 he cut hair alongside Rosa Parks’ husband, which was very cool. As we departed from the barbershop, he placed a seed in my life. The first, he expects to be watching me on Sundays; and two to make an impact especially in the African American Community. He stated, “You all are young, vibrant and educated – BE A LEADER.”

The stories I received in the chair were so rich, yet disheartening because the people of this time went through so much. But for him to share his story was remarkable, and a couple chunks of mesquite wood placed on the fire I have burning in my soul.

Something to think about

It’s very simple; life is about choices, either a choice to do right or a choice to do wrong. With whatever choice you make, make the very best of it, and during all the process, “be true to yourself.”