I recently read this Facebook status of a friend who plays basketball: My favorite is, “I know you get this a lot [but I’ll just be an average person and blend into the rest of the world even though knowing how tall you are comes at the expense of my own individuality] but how tall are you..?” I thought it was pretty funny that he got so worked up over a simple question, but I understand it gets really annoying when you get asked the same question over and over.

Needless to say, I am now overseas, and I too feel his pain. Not because I’m 7 feet tall and people notice, but because I’m in Spain … and people always want to know what time it is.

Every fb conversation, every skype chat, and every phone call, ALWAYS starts with same question: “What time is it over there!?” You’d think they could do the math after you’ve explained a million times that the time difference is 7 hours (for Dallas, at least). But no. It never fails. Someone is always sure to ask.