An update from Sarah, a junior business major:

My first week in Hong Kong has been incredible so far! I’ve really enjoyed experiencing a new culture, exploring a new city, and getting to know the other students on this trip.

On our first day here we witnessed the grandeur of the downtown Hong Kong skyline that is one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen! The photos we took definitely don’t do it justice. We’ve also visited Victoria Peak, several street markets, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Happy Valley Race Course.

Yesterday, another student and I had quite a spontaneous afternoon – we hopped on a bus to see where it would take us! The bus drove us by schools, churches, hospitals, and numerous high-rise apartments allowing us to see a different side of Hong Kong that didn’t contain the bright lights and tall buildings we’d grown accustomed to. The whole journey lasted over an hour and it has definitely been a highlight of the trip because I gained a new perspective of the city.

This week we also visited the Caterpillar and Multizen corporations, which was extremely beneficial to our understanding of international business. We learned how business is done differently here in China and the struggles that can come with it. Overall, I found the visits very interesting, and I appreciated the time and advice that the corporation members gave us.

We’ve also been studying business in the classroom with an American professor who has been teaching in Hong Kong for nearly 15 years. It was interesting to hear about his life in the academic world and to learn about managerial strategy. I enjoyed the delicious treats he brought every day to class.

Speaking of food, the cuisine here is very interesting and unique, to say the least. So far we’ve seen chicken feet, duck tongue, pigeon, tripe (cow stomach), and cuttlefish at restaurants here! Some of us are a bit more adventurous in trying new foods, but I think we’ve all had some delicious meals so far – I’m a big fan of green tea ice cream and dumplings. I’d also say our chopstick skills have greatly improved since we’ve been here!

Hong Kong is a wonderful place and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us! I’m excited for the upcoming trips to Guangzhou and Beijing!

Stay tuned for more to come …