An update from Doug, a biology and psychology major who is heading to St. Marks National Wildlife Reserve in Crawfordville, Florida:

St. Marks refuge in Crawfordville, Florida: Whoever thought anyone would be taking an Alternative Break trip there? But after months of attempting to find places to no avail, I stumbled upon this place. They were by far the most excited of any organization I talked to, which makes me even more excited. (I’m especially ecstatic about scoring a free place to stay all week and a free BBQ banquet on our last day).

This trip did not just have issues with being planned, but also with individuals on the trip. We’ve had several leave, some come and then decide to leave, and some (the best ones) who have stuck through it the whole time … now they just have to show up at 5:30 am and ride in a van for 15 hours.

I couldn’t be more excited about the group I’m going with. I know we’re going to do great things with St. Marks refuge and we’re also going to do great things in each other’s lives. The best part about Alternative Breaks is the experience of meeting other individuals from totally different walks of life. We’re all going to come out of this trip better human beings due to what we learn from one another.

Well, enough of my soapbox and rambling. I’m off to bed to be well rested for the first driving shift of the day! Woohoo, 5 am!! … and to make things better, it’s spring forward as well. I’ll post again later (we’ll see if there is Internet where we’re staying). Later!