Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach earlier in September. The conditions were perfect with plenty of wind.

Christmas in summer: I had never thought this could be a reality. Where are the warm coats, boots, hot chocolate, and powder snow I so fondly think of during this time of year? Though, being from Texas, I suppose I rarely got to experience a white Christmas anyway. The seasons are flipped in the Southern Hemisphere. Yes, this is a known fact, but I promise it is actually a bigger deal when experienced over a semester.

November is usually not toasty. But just in the past two weeks, I have been to the beach multiple times. Australian beaches are some of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen, brochures included. It is no wonder so many of the events here take advantage of these wonderful places.

I plan to spend most of the time I have left here in or around ocean water if that wasn’t already obvious.

Breakfast on Bondi as part of the Sydney Food Festival. Early morning wake-up call but definitely worth it to share a meal with thousands of Aussies. There was even an orchestra!

Aside from the seasons, Sydney is remarkably similar to Dallas. We have similar brands, music, foods and culture. We speak the same language, although Aussies sound much more sophisticated with their accents. I have, however, been complimented quite a few times on my “American” accent, which I never realised existed. Oh yeah, and I spell the Australian way now.

There are obviously some differences that an extended stay tends to reveal. Through this blog I will point out just a few, but I won’t do any of them justice. Really, the only way to fully appreciate the culture and its people is to come and spend a semester studying, working, and living in it.

On the whole, it is an easy transition, and Aussies are so friendly and helpful that they make me want to stay here forever. Alas, this semester will come to an end, and I will have to endure a round of goodbyes from all my new friends. Though, it will surely not be a final goodbye. This semester has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and plans for reunions are aplenty. But I can’t wait to get back to SMU! I have missed my Mustangs and my home.