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Amie is a sophomore majoring in communication studies in Meadows School of the Arts, with minors in fashion in media and religious studies. During summer 2011, she is participating in SMU-in-London, which focuses on communications and the arts.

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With love from London


At Hyde Park

It is currently almost 1 a.m. on a Sunday in London and I have been awake (give or take 3 hours of sleep on the plane) since 7 a.m. Central time Friday, and I still feel like I can stay awake for hours. My flight experience was not the best (kudos to Delta for making me wait a total of 6 hours for my connecting flights … not), but what matters is that I arrived safely.

My first thoughts: Everyone smokes, it looks dreary, and someone is going to get hit with these narrow streets.

However, as I ventured past Heathrow airport into the urban sphere of London, I became infatuated. Within 2 hours of exploring the city I made the decision that London surpasses New York City as an international metropolis.


Trafalgar Square

London is huge and extremely diverse, like NY, but the quaint nature, cascading trees, historical buildings, and international vibe is something that I have never experienced in the States before.

Yesterday there was a HUGE soccer match that England was playing in, so everywhere you heard fans screaming, holding flags, and singing in unison. It was fantastic to see the pride of this nation in full effect.

I’m still trying to get my bearings straight, but tomorrow will definitely help me out. I’m really going to try to write every night since experiences will be fresh in my head, but there is a FULL day planned with some amazing visits so I am off to bed!

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