The time has finally come to pack my bags and head to London for five weeks. Time has definitely crept up, and I was able to get a stop in Nashville before making this big departure.

This trip does coincide with my 20th birthday, however, that is not the reason I’ll be in lovely London town. I am taking two courses (Post-War European Cinema and Philosophy of Freedom of Speech) within my major of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. I’m used to filling my summers with internships and other learning experiences, but this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will aid in the progression of my degree since I will a junior in the fall (crazy)!

We are staying at the beautiful Regents College and have some amazing professors traveling with us from SMU. The program already has trips planned to Scotland and Wales, but we are allotted two travel weekends, so I will definitely make the most of those.