SAM_1767.jpg Today was my birthday, and I’m already trying to find a way to top it for next year since this one was amazing! Our day started off at Stonehenge, which is a surreal experience. The actual structure was about 30 minutes away from our hostel, and we left extremely early in the morning to catch daybreak.

Because of our phenomenal advisers and professors on this trip, we were able to walk among the stones, an experience that many Stonehenge visitors aren’t able to partake in. It is still a mystery as to how the constructors carried massive rocks to and from the site. I’m a complete history buff, so it was a pretty epic way to start out my birthday.

Afterward we traveled to the posh city of Bath and toured the architecturally genius Roman baths. It is unbelievable how intricate the engineers were in the designing of the baths during a period where everything was manual. The baths are all located underground and enclosed within a traditional Roman edifice. The baths have been renovated many times since their origination, but the brilliance behind the initial engineers is fascinating.

SAM_1775.jpg Afterward we had lunch at the adjoining restaurant, the Pump Room, and felt quite English while doing so. Some of us ordered tea and crumpets while we all sat outside and enjoyed the talents of the street performers.

The train ride back was strictly set aside for sleeping, as we experienced the London nightlife later on. People say New York is the city that never sleeps, but they have it mistaken. Following our night out we had to ride the buses because the tube (underground transportation) closes at a certain time.

Someway, somehow, we ended up at Abbey Road, which is the title of The Beatles’ last studio-recorded album. We had no choice but to re-create the original album artwork and take many photos late into the night. And with that, my 20th birthday was complete. Celebrations mixed with history, friends, and a remarkable day across the pond.