My fifth week at DFW International has been fascinating, as always. This week, I was in charge of organizing the African Leadership Luncheon that we are holding July 16 at Aggies Restaurant. I invited five speakers who are going to speak about ways to raise money for African organizations. Each speaker is going to provide guidance about how to write a powerful grant, how to engage corporate sponsors at an event, and how to fund-raise through 5K runs, cultural activities, sports / soccer events, silent auctions, program ads, etc. I also invited more than 100 African leaders and organizations to be a part of this great event and benefit.  From making so many calls, I have been improving my professional telephone skills and communication skills.

This week in our “culture” discussions, we discussed the birth of a new country: South Sudan, after years of genocide and civil war.  We talked about how the British united North and South Sudan, who are very different from each other, during colonization. The country has been ravaged by civil war ever since then. It is good to know that the people of Sudan can finally live peacefully, celebrating freedom.

On Friday, we will be visiting a Buddhist temple and Hindu temple. We will then go to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

Overall, I am really enjoying my internship and learning something new each day. It has been great interning with a diverse group of people. I am excited for what the next few weeks hold for me and sad that the end is approaching quickly.