Haha! The Sand Dunes related back to our class perfectly! Its so funny how that worked out. I’m really glad we decided to go to Colorado. Our presenter gave us some great information that the professor seemed to like and encourages us to use in our papers.

And it was a lot of fun! Except for the fact that I lost my camera in the sand. Big lesson learned here. My mom always told me that a lady must have a bag at all times. Besides the gender-role implications, I see the practicality of this. I could have spent more time sliding down the sand than digging it up.

The Great Sand Dunes of Colorado is an example of the government doing what it is meant to do. People found the Dunes, asked the government to help protect them, and they did. Whenever a company or some other group threatened the Dunes’ existence, people would gather information to convince the government to take action, either by buying land or redrawing boundaries. And it worked. The people had an issue, gave a good argument, and the government worked for them. That’s what I call a environmental success, and it’s going in my essay.

If you visit the Dunes, bring appropriate equipment. Its part “beach shore” (there’s a small river you must cross or just play in) and part sandy torture as winds pick up tiny pieces that scratch onto your skin mercilessly. And afterwards, it will take you forever to get the sand out of your hair. I STILL do not have the sand out of my hair or off my skin. But it was still awesome.