Dallas!! Oh, man. It feels so good! In the airplane, we lifted off and I said farewell to rustic-looking New Mexico. Its land is so distinctive. And so is Dallas’s. As we started to fly over North Texas, I was so happy to see miles and miles of green, green grass and trees. I don’t care if they were put there by professional landscapists! I miss it! Man, I never ever thought I’d be so happy to be in Dallas again. 98 degrees F.

But go to Taos. Or study abroad. Somewhere. You seriously won’t regret it. I highly recommend Professor Johnson if you get the chance. Remember to pack light and be resourceful. If you need something, just ask.

Bring things that will make your bed comfortable! Sure, buy the cheap 5-10 dollar mattress pad that’s the wrong size. It’s better than nothing!

Go visit El Rio Grande. Not just the Gorge, but if you do see the Gorge, look out for the hippy-mobile! Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it and you’ll want to check out some of what they’re selling.

Smile at everyone! You’ll make new friends and feel good in Taos. The cafeteria ladies LOVE to chat it up and meet you, as well. They’re super sweet!

Oh, and make sure to use Taos Shuttle, not the other one if you’re flying in. I also kind of wish I flew from Sante Fe instead of Albuquerque.

Make sure you hang out with some local people. If you actually find some your age (hehe), you’ll find them to be really chill people. It’s funny to think that every time I take a CF and travel, I gain a new crowd of Facebook friends. Diversify! Develop their mindset, and relax. 🙂 Having a car makes things better, too!

Okay, I think that’s all I’ve got. Thank you for taking this ride with me. I have some people missing me in Dallas, so I’ll see y’all later!