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During winter term 2009-10, seven students will earn Art History/CF credit studying ancient archaeological sites, Colonial art and architecture, folk art and religious fiestas in the Valley of Oaxaca, the Sierra Norte, Sierra Madre del Sur and on the Pacific Coast as part of SMU-in-Oaxaca.

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Dancing through the streets

An update from Anne, a graduate student in history with a focus on the U.S. Southwest and Mexico who is doing research on Indian history:

Jan5-1.jpg Arriving back at San Bartolo Muesum, we put the finishing touches on our puppets. We sewed the clothes using vibrant fabrics, painted features on the faces and glued hair that clearly distinguished the male from the female puppet. We worked as a team and laughed at each other and at ourselves.

Jan5-2-1.jpg In the end, we were proud of our puppets and were eager to display them for the locals of Oaxaca City.

Beginning at the beautiful Santo Domingo Church in Oaxaca City, we danced the streets among enormous crowds as we made our way to the Zocalo.

Jan5-3.jpg Drew and Daniel danced their hearts out, and sweated a great deal, while the heavy puppets rested on their shoulders.

They followed a group of women dancers while the rest of us followed in the footsteps of the guys.

Jan5-4-1.jpg I took on the role of the angel, and Meaghan, Vera and Estelle acted as the three kings.

Leslie and Rachel joined us in traditional costumes and passed out candy to the amazing children in the audience. We had a blast.

Jan5-5.jpg I don’t think that we have ever been in such a spotlight before, but we were humbled by the experience nonetheless.

After taking countless photographs, we relaxed at a great restaurant and prepared for the second leg of our journey in the Sierra Norte.

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