alex.jpg An update from Alex, a senior Spanish and psychology major:

I have always thought that the classroom was the ideal environment for learning, probably because I have spent 17 years in a classroom. Thankfully, this service project has shown me every place, every person, every situation can be a wonderful opportunity to learn.

I have attended services in English and Spanish at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, and I had made my own observations, but nothing could compare to the experience of talking to the Spanish-speaking parishioners within the Episcopal church. It’s not every day that I can sit down with complete strangers and ask them personal questions about their faith and their lives. They all looked to their parish as a place to call home, a place to be comfortable and find a sense of community – something I think we all strive for. It was humbling to listen to others tell their story.

Textbooks and class discussions in the classroom set a distance inbetween the learner and knowledge, but the service project has made knoweldge a very personal experience for me.