SADIE.jpg An update from Sadie, a senior majoring in advertising and foreign languages and literatures:

I was prepared to learn the history of religion; I was not prepared to write the history myself; however, that is what my class is doing. We are becoming historians and taking an active role in our class rather than just reading about it.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church is full of history, life, and compassion, and that is why we are honored to take on this task. Through my observation of the present congregation, I have learned a lot about how this church is giving back to the community and neighborhood. The church officials are always willing to listen to their parishioners, help parents with their children during Mass, and help immigrants pass their GED test.

Pre-GED school has really made me think about how we can help improve the lives of others. The organization that is run by volunteers is helping immigrants, mostly Hispanic women, get fluent enough in English to pass their GED test. With the help of this organization, these students can go on to college, help their children with their homework, and find better jobs. This is not ESL school; this goes further, just like people should go. The school needs more volunteers, more funding, and a better way to reach the people who require their help.

Our goal is to help with that and turn people’s attention to a better Pre-GED School. In return, we have the gratification of knowing we, too, are helping the Dallas community and making the city a better place.

I’m thrilled to see how this organization will spread and how this all plays into the history of St. Matthew’s.