Kirsten.png An update from Kirsten, a senior CCPA major and Spanish minor:

When selecting a group for this project, I chose the context team because of my fairly strong background in academic research. I figured the experience would be similar to past efforts: looking through articles, reading books and finding websites, all to get an objective view of history. The experience, however, has gone far beyond this.

Researching for this class has become an exciting, intriguing and captivating experience. I almost feel like a detective, utilizing the Dallas Morning News archives and other historical sources as windows to the past that we used to solve years-old mysteries.

For example, through these resources we have been able to uncover how Ross Avenue got its name, which of the Dallas Divas of the past attended St. Mary’s College, why the school shut its doors in the early 1930s, and why St. Matthew’s moved to that campus. In the process, we gained some insight into how Dallas became what it is today.

From our research, we have been able to build a bridge between the past and the present and help St. Matthew’s understand the catalyst for the changes taking place within its Parish. In doing so, luckily we, too, have become a part of the fascinating story of 5100 Ross Avenue.