I apologize for the absence. I’ve been sans Internet for the last week really. We just got it up and successfully running yesterday in Vigna, the house I’m staying at in Vicchio while I’m on the dig. It’s been an exhausting week! Much learning and physical labor.

We’ve been learning the art of archaeology from the best and brightest – having lectures every night and getting firsthand experience up on the Poggio Colla site. Today, we were assigned our trenches. I’m in PC 41. It’s a very exciting trench. So far we’ve uncovered inscribed pottery and a spindle whirl! I made those finds – I’m just lucky when it comes to those kinds of things. I told our trench supervisor, Cameron, that he should be glad I’m on his trench – I’m very, very lucky!

Anyway, finally we have our first two days off tomorrow and Sunday. I can’t wait for some R&R. Seven hours a day on the hill can get you seriously tired. The major upside, though, is the food is seriously delicious. And with the amount we work, you can justify eating whatever you want!

It’s been an incredible week so far.