DSC01830.jpg Finally! I’ve arrived in the Fiumicino (foo-mi-chi-noh) airport in Rome, Italy. I’ve been traveling since 8:30 am on June 24, and it is 7:45 am on June 25 here. That’s a ridiculous amount of traveling. Do I get a breather? Nope!

One of my fellow students, Amanda, on the dig happened to be on my Rome-bound flight out of Boston a day earlier than most of the group. We sat together and tried to sleep as much as is possible while sandwiched into economy class seats on a 777.

So, we make it and manage to find the metro, purchase tickets, and make our way to the center of Rome. We exited the station and promptly headed the wrong way, armed with a googlemaps map that was less than completely correct. Not to worry though, we figured out our mistake … albeit about a mile in the wrong direction lugging around 50 lb bags and 20 lb backpacks!

We then did the impossible and found our unlabeled hotel, which is very nice, and proceed to head back to the station to gather up the girls who arrived later than we did and lead them back to the hotel.

One of the girls’ phone is off and we’re afraid she didn’t make it. Luckily, we decided to waltz into the train station and check the incoming train from the airport. Jackpot. We get our girl, Ainsley, and with her is one of the boys on our dig, Ross. He saw her college sweatshirt on the plane and asked if she was on our dig. Indeed she is. So our quartet makes our way to a great tiny Italian eatery down the street from our hotel and munches and talks.

DSC01837.jpg No time to waste, though; after that we collect ourselves and shower and change clothes and head off to see the Colosseum. It takes us about 30 minutes walking to get there. Dr. Warden was correct about the Italian sun; it’s hotter than you’d imagine!

Anyway, we walk around and all three of the others give me the rundown on the Colosseum, and the two arches that surround it. We even peek into the dig next to it. Serious stuff. Is that what we’re going to be doing?

I’ll find out tomorrow!

In the meantime, the other three are all out dining. As for me, this is my goodnight address! Bed, here I come.