Today UNICEF was invited to have a stand at a local soccer tourney. They had a little table and a big box for donations that would go to children in Africa. Children (and adults) would come to drop money into the bin and get blue bracelets in return.

DSC02524.JPG.jpeg Although the donations weren’t considerable, it was nice seeing all the little kids (seven and eight years old) interested in what the UNICEF stands for: children’s rights. Letting children know about their rights is one of the purposes of the UNICEF.

DSC02515.JPG.jpeg I met with a nice lady, Madame Elisabeth Perrier. Although she is responsible for the UNICEF’s office in Avignon, she was able to tell me a little bit about the UNICEF in Cannes. They organize many fundraising events throughout the year, and they usually receive fair amounts of money because of the well-known name of their organization.

For example, a few months ago they had a national event called “La Nuit de l’Eau,” in which they partnered with the French Swimming Association (FFN) to raise money to provide clean water to children who do not have access to it. The local swim team, Cercle des Nageurs de Cannes, was able to raise the high amount of 2 344 euros.

DSC02516.JPG.jpeg In general, I had a nice afternoon talking to Mme. Perrier and learning more about the UNICEF in France. I will meet with the lady responsible for the Cannes area on Tuesday, so I’ll have more local information then!