Pia in France

Pia spending a month this summer in Cannes, France, on a Richter Research Fellowship to investigate the relationship between the popular, wealthy city and its local, national and international charities.

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Secours Catholique

I got an interview with Secours Catholique (Cannes La Bocca) but it didn’t convince me much. I interviewed Philippe, Jean Loup and Yvette – 3 older people who refused to give their complete names and their positions within the organization.DSC02407.JPG.jpeg
Anyways, they said Secours Catholique in La Bocca receives some aid from the community, mainly from the elders, and most of their donors are motivated by the Christian belief of helping others.

But, their office is not alive, thanks to the donations they receive directly; they receive the biggest financial support from the bigger offices – like the one in downtown Cannes. They also said that Cannes is not a very benevolent city; according to them, it is just average.

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t very convinced after this interview.

Wait for the one in downtown Cannes.

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