I think the playing trumpets weren’t a good start after all… Instead of being in Cannes right now, I am stuck at the JFK airport, longing for the beach and the sun. Although yesterday was one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever had, it was also very frustrating. Here are the highlights:

1. At DFW: my bag was 58 lbs. Had to leave some stuff behind and re-accommodate in the middle of the Delta counter, making some fellow travelers hate me.

2. At ATL: problem with the engine caused a 3-hr delay. My cell phone died. An armed policeman escorting a guy out of the plane, little kids kicking and screaming the whole time, and inefficient flight attendants made my flight fairly unpleasant.

3. At JFK: missed flight to Nice by 15 min. After waiting to land due to Obama’s visit to NYC, running across the airport, waiting 3 hrs to change my flight and get my heavy bag, running back and forth between terminal 3 and Federal Circle, and spending the night in the big apple, I finally have a seat in the direct flight to Nice.

It was an eventful day. And I am grateful to my new friends who guided me and made my adventure so much easier to bear. To the 2 ladies going to Istanbul, the 2 gentlemen going to Nice to meet their families, the German couple going home after their vacation, the French guy going home after an exchange program, and to the many other people that helped me, thank you. There are a lot of good people out there.