Today, I found someone to talk to at the CCAS! I was really excited when I finally got to sit in front of a desk after climbing those steep streets leading to la rue Borniol.DSC02262.JPG.jpeg

The Centre Communal d’Action Social de Cannes is a local governmental institution that is in charge of overseeing the social development in the community of Cannes, including the work of public and private organizations.

I talked to a really nice guy, M. Allegoy, who told me that a large part of the municipal budget is allocated to Cannois social institutions. Why? Well, according to him, the French are all about national solidarity.

He also said what I heard earlier this morning: the French tend to donate a lot of money to charities during times of distress. For example, they became extra generous after the disaster in Haiti.

Cannes is a a super wealthy city and the French care about each other. Now the question is, how are charities doing?