I interviewed this afternoon Monsieur Couderc, the President of the French Red Cross office in Cannes, and guess what? His opinion wasn’t very different from what I’ve heard before.

What I found interesting about this organization was the huge variety of activities it offers to the community: free medical care to those who don’t have access to it (mainly the unemployed and immigrants), food and clothes for the needy, free lessons for those who want to learn CPR, free medical assistance in sporting and cultural events, among many other things. And the only way they keep the organization running healthy (in financial terms) is through a little government and community support. That, to me, is incredible.

Actually, M. Couberc also mentioned an annual collection of money, in which workers (a.k.a. volunteers) of the Red Cross go out to the streets with little cans. My French professor told me that this should occur in the next couple of weekends, so I hope I get to witness it!

In general, the Red Cross workers were retired people who are there to help others. See a pattern here?