Pia in France

Pia spending a month this summer in Cannes, France, on a Richter Research Fellowship to investigate the relationship between the popular, wealthy city and its local, national and international charities.

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Finally, in paradise

Ahhh! I can’t believe it! I’m so happy to be here already 🙂

After watching Leap Year, sleeping a little, and then watching the beginning of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, I arrived yesterday at around 9 am (local time). The excitement kept me awake all morning – it was my natural caffeine. But then the unavoidable jet lag kicked in.

DSC02152.JPG.jpegThis morning I went to Mass to the Eglise Sainte Marguerite – most of the churches here are Catholic. Did you know that most of the French population is Catholic? The percentage is even larger than the one in Mexico! Here I had my first encounter with Cannois poverty – there were beggars outside the church.

Afterward I went to the beach for the first time, and then to the center of Cannes, where the 63rd Cannes Film Festival is in full throttle. And, what a beautiful city this is!

It is impossible to describe with words what I saw today. I can only say that I am in paradise.

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