This evening, my friends Cristina and Sanaz came with me to the monthly Amnesty International meeting in Cannes. It was a very enjoyable experience.

The meeting took place in a little room on the first floor of a building 20 minutes away from downtown. There were five members present: the president (M. Barre), two ladies (Gabby and Christelle), and two men (Pascal and Samuel). Two of them were elders, one was middle-aged, and two were young. It was a balanced group.

First, M. Barre gave the information he had just received from the central office in Paris. He talked about the successful liberation of prisoners in Libya, the update on the campaign “Exigeons la dignite,” the update on Hakim Ajimi’s case (a great scandal in France), etc… Then we signed some petitions.

After that, the group discussed matters more pertinent to Cannes. They talked about organizing a big fundraising concert that will take place in October, and they made plans to spread the word about Amnesty in local schools. They discussed strategies and made plans for the future.

To me, it was very exciting to learn all the things Amnesty stands for, and how the Cannes group plans to fight for them. Plus, all five members were very nice to us and treated us as part of their family.

I know the group is short on money and labor because the government doesn’t provide any type of financial support, but it seems that they have figured out how to manage that inconvenience.

Again, it was nice meeting them all and being able to attend their meeting. Hearing them talk was very motivating because they all had good ideas to be developed. I just hope they can find more followers because they need a bigger group here in this important city!