An update from Landon:

Another extremely full day of cramming my brain with all kinds of new particle physics. Today started early after working late last night, and it definitely showed, since around 2 o’clock I fell asleep in a chair. But we also took some relaxing time walking around the campus of the University of Cincinnati.

However, the highlight of the day had to be the social event held earlier tonight at Professor Brian Meadows’ house. The whole of the BaBar Jamboree went and just hung out. I had the privilege of mingling with the oldest to the youngest physicists at the Jamboree: a man who had gotten his Ph.D. in the late ’50s all the way to fellow freshmen from the University of Louisiana.

We spent most of the night talking with the other undergraduates about each other’s work, the differences between our academic programs and funny stories about home.

I’ve been working tonight to finalize my slides. I have not practiced much for the presentation, but I feel confident enough to speak about what I’ve been working on for about six months now. I’m excited to present, but my main worry now is the amount of schoolwork I’ll have to do when I get back home Sunday night.

No matter what, though, this has been an invaluable immersion into the professional side of contemporary physics.