An update from Danna, a first-year psychology and business major:

ModelUN3.jpg As I looked around the auditorium before the beginning of closing ceremonies, I couldn’t believe it had been a week since I sat a few rows away anxiously awaiting the opening of the conference.

Around me, students from Africa, America, Europe and Asia filed into their seats, each ready to depart the beautiful city of Taiwan and take along with them the unique and rich memories of the past week. As the lights dimmed down and the speaker walked onto the stage, I caught myself reflecting on the past week and the memories I couldn’t wait to share back home …

From the exotic food and entertaining night market, to the debate in committee and one-of-a-kind social events, each and every moment of this trip has been one that has given me a new perspective on ordinary experiences. Whether it was Adam’s humor or Adriana and Nicola’s nurturing, the time spent with the team in the beautiful city of Taipei was valuable beyond my expectations.

Sharing these new experiences with my friends and teammates from home made being a part of such a unique activity as rewarding as ever. Between sitting together over meals and walking down the streets of Taipei, bonding with the team miles away from home made me realize how much being a part of MUN was about more than just growing as a delegate, but also growing as a person, a teammate and a friend.

From all the opportunities I have had to work with a team of bright and motivated students, this trip has made me more confident in saying that none has been as gratifying and educational as MUN. Having the honor of participating in World not only introduced me to a new country, a new culture, and many new people, but it also introduced me to a different side of the students I meet and prepare with each week.

There’s something special about traveling abroad and trying new things. But when you do it with a group of highly dedicated students, have a great time with friends, devote your energy to having presence in debate, and meet new people, it’s ten times more special. That’s what this past week at World MUN has been about. That’s what SMUMUN is about.