An update from Adam, a first-year international relations major:

A quick breakfast from 7/11 included microwavable bagel/egg sandwiches and water bottles that Nick and I enjoyed on our way to the first and only committee session of the day. As we entered the subway train I pulled my sandwich out of the still hot plastic bag and devoured it in front of the morning crowd. An elderly woman politely told me in Chinese that I was being very rude by eating my breakfast on the subway. I felt like the quintessential impolite American oblivious to cultural norms.

So for the remainder of the ride to the conference center Nick and I discussed strategy for committee instead of enjoying our hot delicious sandwiches. There were 4 points that were discussed on the subway and that became our focus for committee:

1. Direct debate away from adding incentives to the NPT because no one could compromise and there had been little debate on other topics of concern.

2. Focus discussion on support for the IAEA’s “Multilateral Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle,” which dealt with regulation of nuclear fuel cycle technologies.

3. Poise and confidence

4. Engage the delegations that were sitting in the back saying nothing – this proved extremely helpful because they would be signatories to our working papers.

TGI Friday’s and Cabaret night

After committee we had some team bonding at a TGI Friday’s across the street from the convention center. We learned that in Taipei instead of fire escapes they have something called escape slings. These escape slings had a six-step assembly process, which we all thought would be dangerous and stressful in an emergency situation.

Cabaret night took place at the Denwell Wedding House, which was a massive venue where many delegations had the opportunity to get up on stage and share a dance or song that was specific to the region they came from. We saw many familiar faces from committee and shared many laughs as we all made fools of ourselves on the dance floor.