An update from Nick, a first-year business major who served on the Disarmament and International Security Committee:

Committee: And so it begins

The day had finally arrived. After countless hours of research and preparation for the Harvard WorldMun conference, debate would commence.

ModelUN14.png Generally, the first committee session is devoted to determining the topic. Since we are provided differing topics, we had to research both and be prepared to debate which one we wanted to see put on the floor. Topic A was the Non Proliferation Treaty, and Topic B was Terrorism. Once the topic is chosen, debate begins, blocs form, and countries distinguish themselves.

Armenia was not the most influential country in either topic. However, that would not stop us from having a voice within the Disarmament and Security Committee, DISEC.

Committee I

Adam and I voiced our opinion in front of a little over 100 countries and 200 delegates. The topic of our liking, Nuclear Proliferation, was chosen. Topic debate took up a fair amount of the first committee session, as it usually does, but we had moved on to discussing some general concerns among the present nations. For example, DISEC spoke extensively on the Pakistani and India relations as well as North Korea’s current position.

Before we knew it, debate had closed for the first committee session and we went into the second committee session that same day with the plan to start creating working papers and presenting ideas necessary for Nuclear Proliferation.

Committee II

As ideas were being formed and countries were aligning together, we began to lean toward Working Paper 1.4 with Russia, our near and historical partner. Armenia believed that this working paper met the objective of working papers well by addressing issues in an informal manner and potentially including clauses that may be used in the future for draft resolutions. It is a tool to advance debate and get concrete ideas and theories for solution on paper. In overview, Working Paper 1.4 spoke of stopping enrichment for offensive purposes and increasing transparency in accordance with the IAEA.

By the end of the day, there were about eight working papers being recognized. Clearly DISEC had a great day’s work. There were still more working papers to come tomorrow in the third committee session, but the move toward draft resolutions was becoming apparent among many of the working papers and their signatories.

Social Event: The Lunar New Year in Taipei

After a long day of debate, the entire SMU team was ready to relax. After being thoroughly impressed with the Global Village event, Adam and I were excited to go out and see our new committee friends. Tonight, Adam and I finally convinced everyone to go out and get over their jet lag. We assured them they would not be disappointed as Harvard and the National Taiwan University had set up another great venue. Tonight, the WorldMun delegates would celebrate the Lunar New Year at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall!

Although it was held outside, the music and performers they had were great. However, we were sure everyone back in the States would be disappointed if we did not get up onstage. So, of course, nearly the entire SMU delegation along with our William & Mary friends joined the performance in front of about 800 delegates. We even waved a Texas flag for all of the “World” to see. Needless to say, SMU had a successful start to the Lunar New Year.