Model UN 2010

Ten students in SMU’s Model United Nations program participated in the World Model U.N. 2009 Conference in March in The Hague, Netherlands. The SMU delegation was assigned to represent the Vatican at the conference, where students from more than 40 countries debated and discussed world issues facing the U.N. system.

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First day in committee

An update from Lauren, a junior political science and French/Russian major:

Today marked the first committee session in the WorldMUN 2010 conference, and I was a little nervous. My committee, the Social Humanitarian and Cultural committee (SOCHUM), was a rather large committee with over 100 students. Thankfully, this committee called for partners, and I was lucky enough to have a partner with a lot more experience in MUN.

Prior to arrival, every delegate is given a background guide outlining the two topics that will be introduced and the general information concerning these topics and their history with the United Nations. For SOCHUM, the two topics were the treatment of refugees and the rights of indigenous peoples.

My partner and I worked together to find information about these topics, find our assigned country’s position, and write and submit a position paper. Although we were adequately prepared, the butterflies were still flying that first day.

My partner and I arrive about 20 minutes early and find other eager students from around the world eager to meet us. We tell them that we are from SMU and representing the Republic of Armenia, and we begin to find our allies and discuss the topic that we would like to get to first.

Committee is then formally called into session, role is taken, and we voted and debated on which topic to discuss first, and the committee decided on refugees. The debate began, and my partner and I represented not only the Republic of Armenia but also SMU in this exciting international debate.

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