Today was my second day, and boy did I see a lot. I started my day in the operating room observing an aortic valve replacement. I watched as they opened his chest, stopped his heart, inserted the new valve, removed him from bypass and closed him back up. I could not believe that stitching him back up took almost an hour. The surgeon’s work was truly meticulous.

After observing, I learned how to properly scrub in for surgery. This is one technique that you need to perform properly so your patient does not get infected. I ended my day learning how to take an H&P (history and physical).

The medical student on cardiothoracic service was kind enough to let me shadow her while she examined the patient. She even let me listen to his heart murmur! Even though it has only been two days, I have learned so much. The attending, residents, PA’s and medical students are all willing to help me, and they explain everything using pictures, which makes it much easier to understand. I am very excited to learn more and observe another surgery.