Megan1.jpg Yesterday was my first day as a DeBakey Summer Surgical Student. The DeBakey Summer Surgical Program is a program that is designed to give students a hands-on experience with surgery. There are about 24 students participating in this program, and each student is assigned a surgical faculty mentor in a specific surgical field. I have been assigned to a cardiothoracic surgeon at the VA Hospital.

(In photo: Most of the 2010 DeBakey Program students. The ones in green scrubs (including myself) are from the VA, while the others in blue scrubs are from the other hospitals.)

After a few hours of orientation, we went our separate ways to our assigned hospitals in order to find our mentors. I introduced myself to my mentor and headed straight for the surgical clinic. The clinic is where the doctors see patients before and after surgery. I was introduced to attendings, residents, physician assistants and a medical student.

By the time I arrived at the clinic, there were already a bunch of patients to be seen. The first patient I saw had esophageal cancer and I was able to see the blockage in his esophagus on the endoscopy photos. I could not have had a better first day.